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    Thermal ImagingSurveys

    We can detect heat loss, electrical faults and water leaks using state of the art thermal imaging equipment.

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    We provide a professional report of all faults and issues found during our surveys to enable fast and efficient repair by professionals.

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    Save money andreduce yourcarbon footprint

    By detecting and repairing heat loss and electrical faults you can reduce energy requirements and save money.

About Us



Heat Loss Testing are a professional company with over 50 years experience in the building industry.

We provide a number of infrared surveys to detect various anomalies in domestic and commerical premises.

We have invested in the latest infrared surveying technology so we can provide you with accurate, professional and cost effective information.

Contact us today to find out more about our infrared and thermographic services.


Infrared Surveys



Infrared Surveys can detect a problem before it manifests itself into a costly failure.  We provide verious methods of infrared survey to detect a wide range of problems.  These include:




Save Money



Do you want to reduce your energy bills and save money?

A simple thermographic survey of your residence or commercial premises can reveal where the majority of heat loss occurs.


Most of the time it is a case of making simple adjustments and repairs to these areas to increase the efficiency of your heating and ultimately reduce what you spend on heating costs.


Contact a thermography professional today to see how we can help you.  Read more about out thermography services.

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